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How many driving lessons do I need?

It all depends on your standard of driving. The first driving lesson with us is an evaluation lesson. After we have seen what your ability is, we can make a recommendation on what you still need to learn in order to be up to standard with all the K53 methods of driving. We determine on what level you are now, and then take you up to the level that you should be. The instructor knows exactly what will be expected of you in the drivers test, and will inform you accordingly.

What will I learn during a driving lesson?
What must I be able to do during the yard test?
What are the general causes for someone to fail the driver's test?
How much does a learners booking cost?
How much does a license booking cost?
When may I start taking driving lessons at a driving school?
Can I make a learners license or drivers license appointment on behalf of someone else?
May I carry a photostat copy of my learner's license or driver's license instead of the original?
How long is my licence valid for?