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Welcome to Aspigon Driving School Pretoria (DRIVING ACADEMY PRETORIA)

THE Driving school Pretoria (Driving Academy Pretoria) is here to help you to get your Learners License and/or Drivers License Easily.  We at Aspigon Driving School Pretoria understands how difficult it can be to get your Learners License, and then your Drivers License.
Whether you need to just pass your Learners License and to find the right information to study, Our Driving School is here to help you pass your Learners License. Passing your Drivers License is a bit more difficult, but we will help you from step ONE right through to the day when you hold your Drivers License in your hand.

  • Are you looking for a Professional, yet affordable Driving School Pretoria? At our Drive School in the Moot Area of Pretoria, K53 Pretoria is our Standard. Assisting you in passing your Drivers License is our MAIN PRIORITY.
  • Aspigon Driving School Pretoria have been in the Driving School Business since 2005 helping people to Pass their Drivers and Learner License.
  • Our Drive school Pretoria (Moot area) have literally assisted hundreds of students to obtain their Learners and Drivers licenses.
  • At Aspigon Driving School Pretoria our focus is for you to obtain your Learners License or Driver’s License with ease – with No Problems.
  • Aspigon Drive School Pretoria (Moot area) also offer an Online Learners Test (for Learners License Test) so that we can ensure that you are ready to pass your Learners License.
  • Using the K53 Learners License and Driver’s License Instructions, young and old can pass their Learners or Driver’s License tests the FIRST TIME through Aspigon Drive School Pretoria.
  • Your Learners License is our First priority - Then your Driver’s License!
  • Our Driving Academy is simply the best place in Pretoria to obtain both your Learners License and Drivers License!


At Aspigon Driving School Pretoria, our Driving Instructor’s boast with a 95% pass rate for all our students who have been trained at our Driving School, by giving highly professional Driving School lessons.

Please remember that our priority at Aspigon drive school Pretoria is to assist and train you professionally, with professional Driving School lessons  

our Driving School in Pretoria (Driver’s academy Pretoria), we would like you to quickly pass your Learners License, and then as soon as possible, thereafter your Driver’s License. We use K53 Driving standards throughout.


Aspigon Drive School Pretoria (Driving academy Pretoria) offers special Driver License Packages (K53 standards) for both Learners License students as well as Driver’s License students 
(please see below). 

Our Drive School Expertise and Qualifications - Aspigon driving academy Pretoria.

Dawie is an A Grade Qualified Drivers instructor, so we can offer specialized Drive school training and Driving School lessons for                                                            ALL GRADES of Learners and Drivers Licenses including Code B (Cars and Trailers), Code EC1, Motorcycles (Code A and A1), Code C1, Heavy Duty vehicles (Codes EB, EC1, EC), Busses (Code C).  

We at Aspigon Driving School Pretoria are here to help you to get your Learners License and Drivers License quickly!

Obtaining your Learners License or Drivers license might seem like a nightmare. We are “The Driving School Pretoria” –also well known over the years as the Driving academy Pretoria.                                                                                                  We understand the importance of the K53 system to ensure that you will get both your learner license and drivers license using the correct methods and information.

So if you need assistance from a absolutely friendly, highly experienced yet affordable Drive school Pretoria, please give Dawie from the Driving Academy (Aspigon Driving school Pretoria) a call right now.

Aspigon Driving School Pretoria (Moot) focus mostly on the EB Drivers licenses and the EC Drivers licenses.

Finding Driving Schools near you?  Please click here  to find Aspigon Driving School to find us on your Maps. We are in the Moot area of Pretoria.




Our packages

Normal Drivers Packages


Pretoria Only Drivers Packages


Learners Packages



Ja nee kyk! Aspigon bestuurskool is beslis vi alle mense wat hul lisensies wil kry! Ek sal hul aanbeveel vi enige imand! Ek het hom my 1ste keer gkry! Sterkte! Chrz! 

Yuval Blum from Pretoria
I am greatly appreciative for all your help in getting my learners driving license. Everything went well and it was worth the money, thank you once again and I will recommend anyone to Aspigon Driving academy.

Sudeshnee Chetty from Pretoria
Magda was baie nice gewees, daar was geen probleme nie, ons het lekker gesels en sy het my baie gehelp met die goedtjies wat ek mee gesukkel het, sy was geduldig met my wat vir my baie nice was, want die vorige driving school by wie ek was was glad nie geduldig nie.

Carli Phillips from Pretoria

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