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Learner's License How it works

To get a learner's or driver's licence, your first step is to buy a K53 compliant study guide, and/or sign up for theory lessons. Aspigon offers you a unique package which includes the K53 compliant study guide.

1. Get a learner's or driver's licence booking.If you do your learners license through us, we will make the booking for you and the cost of this is included in your package. If you want an appointment date within three days, we can do this at an additional cost of R 300.NOTE, this does not mean you will write within three days, you will just know when and where your appointment is.

2. Once you receive the booking confirmation, you will have to confirm it inperson at the relevant testing station, within the given period (can be up to 5 days,but sometimes it's the very next day).

In order to do this you will require the following:

You will receive your learner's licence immediately.

From the National Road Traffic Act

Application for and issue of learner's licence

A person desiring to obtain a learner's licence shall in person apply therefor in the prescribed manner to an appropriately graded driving licence testing centre.

Upon receipt of an application, the driving licence testing centre concerned shall, if it is satisfied from the information furnished in the application or from such further information as such centre may reasonably request, that the applicant is not disqualified from obtaining a learner's licence, determine a day on and time at which the applicant shall present himself or herself to be examined and tested by an examiner for driving licences in the manner and in respect of the matters as prescribed.

If the examiner for driving licences is satisfied that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the matters as prescribed in respect of the class of vehicle concerned, and is not disqualified in terms of section 15 from obtaining a learner's licence, the examiner shall issue or authorise the issue of a learner's licence in the prescribed manner to such applicant in respect of the appropriate class of motor vehicle, and the examiner or the person authorised thereto by him or her shall-

(a) in the case where the applicant is found to be competent to drive with the aid of spectacles or contact lenses, an artificial limb or other physical aid, endorse the licence accordingly; and

(b) in the case where the applicant is a physically disabled person who has to drive a vehicle adapted for physically disabled persons, or a vehicle adapted specifically for that physically disabled applicant, endorse the licence accordingly.

No person shall wilfully or negligently issue or authorise the issue of a learner's licence contrary to the provisions of this Chapter.

Failure to disclose disqualification in respect of licence authorising driving of motor vehicle prohibited

No person shall, when applying for a learner's or driving licence, wilfully fail to disclose any disqualification to which he or she is subject in terms of section 15.

Any person who-
(a) is the holder of a licence authorising the driving of a motor vehicle in terms of this Chapter; and
(b) becomes aware thereof that he or she is disqualified from holding such licence, shall, within a period of 21 days after having so become aware of the disqualification, submit the licence or, in the case where it is contained in an identity document, that document to the MEC of the province concerned.

When a licence is submitted the MEC shall cancel it and if the licence was issued in a prescribed territory he or she shall notify the authority which issued it of the cancellation: Provided that if the MEC is satisfied that the holder thereof is competent to drive the class of motor vehicle concerned with the aid of glasses, an artificial limb or any other physical aid, the MEC shall, in the case where the licence-

(a) is contained in an identity document-
(i) not cancel the licence, but endorse the licence accordingly and such endorsement shall be a condition subject to which the licence is held;
(ii) return the identity document to the holder thereof; or
(b) is not contained in an identity document, issue or authorise the issue of a new licence in the prescribed manner reflecting the conditions on which it is issued.

A person shall be disqualified from obtaining or holding a learner's or driving licence

(a) if he or she-
(i) in the case of any licence for a motor cycle, motor tricycle or motor quadrucycle having an engine with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 125 cubic centimetres or which is propelled by electrical power or which is a vehicle as contemplated in paragraph
(b) of the definition of "motor vehicle", is under the age of 16 years;

(ii) in the case of a learner's licence for a light motor vehicle, being a motor vehicle not of a class referred to in subparagraph (i) and the tare of which does not exceed 3500 kilograms or, where such motor vehicle is-

(aa) a bus or goods vehicle, the gross vehicle mass of which does not exceed 3 500 kilograms;
(bb) an articulated motor vehicle, the gross combination mass of which does not exceed 3 500 kilograms, is under the age of 17 years; or

(iii) in the case of any other licence, is under the age of 18 years;

(b) during any period in respect of which he or she has been declared by a competent court or authority to be disqualified from obtaining or holding a licence to drive a motor vehicle, while such disqualification remains in force;

(c) where a licence to drive a motor vehicle held by him or her has been suspended by a competent court or authority, while such suspension remains in force;

(d) where a licence to drive a motor vehicle held by him or her has been cancelled by a competent court or authority, for such period as he or she may not apply for a licence;

(e) if such licence relates to a class of motor vehicle which he or she may already drive under a licence held by him or her;

if he or she is suffering from one of the following diseases or disabilities:

(i) Uncontrolled epilepsy;
(ii) sudden attacks of disabling giddiness or fainting due to hypertension or any other cause;
(iii) any form of mental illness to such an extent that it is necessary that he or she be detained, supervised, controlled and treated as a patient in terms of the Mental Health Act, 1973 (Act No. 18 of 1973);
(iv) any condition causing muscular incoordination;
(v) uncontrolled diabetes mellitus;
(vi) defective vision ascertained in accordance with a prescribed standard;
(vii) any other disease or physical defect which is likely to render him or her incapable of effectively driving and controlling a motor vehicle of the class to which such licence relates without endangering the safety of the public: Provided that deafness shall not of itself be deemed to be such a defect;

(g) if he or she is addicted to the use of any drug having a narcotic effect or the excessive use of intoxicating liquor; or

(h) in such other circumstance as may be prescribed, either generally or in respect of a particular class of learner's or driving licence.

The MEC concerned may, if he or she deems it expedient and on such conditions as he or she may deem fit, declare that any person shall no longer be subject to any disqualification, suspension or cancellation by a competent authority referred to in subsection (1)(b), (c) or (d), respectively: Provided that in the case of any cancellation such declaration shall be subject to section 25(9).

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